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Gloucester Services Northbound M5

Ridiculously expensive but a lovely service station. If you aren't carrying a million pounds I'd go to another place. It's a shame, because the facilities and staff are excellent.

Baldock Services A1(M)

KFC has a thing for having dodgy food. I got severe food poisoning from a Boneless Banquet yesterday. I'd report it to Extra.

Baldock Services A1(M)

totally. With that grammar I'd think that you only help your mum around the house.

Fleet Services M3

sorry about that. I think the find shouldn't have been applied as it was preventing an accident.

Fleet Services M3

I learnt very quickly, my first visit was in the middle of the night in the rain, while exhausted hence the break.. a snack and a 3 hour nap so [...]

Fleet Services M3

It's not difficult to learn that at every MSA there is a maximum of 2 hours free parking.

Bridgwater Services M5

Stopped here the other day and severely unimpressed. Satisfactory dog facilities but apart from that the whole place is impractical for the traffic it serves.

Bridgwater Services M5

It was operated by First.

Bridgwater Services M5

Well maybe you should consider that it's crammed into a business park. Plus, there is an area of land suitable for dogs.

Rivington Services M61

Tells me a lot about the quality of staff at your services.

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